“Mark did a spellbinding job. It was a tremendous speech met with a standing ovation. It is not often that you can hear a pin drop in a room that size – but the audience was enthralled. Wonderful!”

US National Space Symposium

The world needs to change. The future needs you to be different. We know it, we say it, but too rarely do we enact it. That’s where Mark comes in.

“I’ve had whole organisations change their strategy based on one speech I’ve given.”

Hiring Mark as a keynote is a ‘no going back’ experience – you will not leave his talk unchanged. Mark delivers the emotional punch needed to catalyse radical change – all backed by wide-ranging experience of change at the highest levels. Be warned, bringing Mark to your event will not be a comfortable ride, nor should it be – but it will be richly rewarding. An exemplary and award-winning communicator Mark’s other career (in comedy, theatre and music) gives him the ability to thrill, chill and upskill an audience, whether that’s actuaries or artists.

As a systems thinker working across multiple fields Mark brings an incredibly wide perspective, making sense of the grand trends of our age (from climate change to digital transformation) but through a uniquely human lens – helping to turn inertia into agency.

“You have to make change rewarding on an emotional level – and that involves getting to the heart of the matter, but with humour and playfulness. My workshops and talks are definitely a rollercoaster of emotions – but landing you in a place where you can go forward with fire in your belly to do the different thing.”

“He came, he charmed, he conquered! When people you don’t know stop you in the bathroom or the food-court to tell you about ‘that guy’ who really shook things up you know you picked a winner. Or what about the group of IT developers who, after listening to Mark, decided to give up an entire weekend to come and work on apps that could change the trajectory of the company? How do you thank a man like Mark? You tell the whole world. Get yourself a little bit of him - and watch what happens next.”

Annalie Killian, Director of Innovation & Social Business, AMP (Australia)

(Some) topics Mark can talk and deliver workshops on*

The (really) big picture

Where the world is, how it got there, the options open going forward and your organisation’s unique role in building a better future.

Systems change and how to do it

Drawing on examples from his bestselling books and his own strategy work Mark explores why most attempts to battle the status quo fail, and how to approach change from the outset in a way much more likely to succeed.

The principles of successful optimism

What are the key principles behind personal, team and organisational change? There are 8, and you can apply them tomorrow .

* Note: this is not an exclusive list. Mark works closely with clients to hone content and impact.

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