Mark, the Advisor

What do the CEO’s of the world’s largest corporations, the planet’s biggest recording artists, senior government and military officials, influential NGOs and the most maverick investors have in common? They turn to Mark to help them make sense of, and navigate an uncertain future – so that we might create a better one.

Mark’s work ranges from international diplomacy to working with schoolchildren and includes assignments in areas as diverse as national security, the law, education, boardroom governance and investment oversight – helping organisations embrace profound and cathartic change - all in the service of a more equitable, humane, just and regenerative world. Current ongoing engagements (beyond his own direct businesses interests) include:

  • Global Ambassador for environmental law firm Client Earth,
  • Impact Board Lead for Climate Ventures,
  • Special Advisor or Peace, Security and Climate Change to Lt General Richard Nugee (climate change lead for the UK Ministry of Defence)
  • Ethics, Sustainability and Governance board member to Nandos,
  • Advisory board member to sustainable marine start-up Acua Ocean
  • ‘Chief Annoying Question Asker’ for the music industry’s Tour Production Group.
  • Mentor to artists at music industry disruptor The Rattle
  • Futurenaut in Residence for the Family Firm Institute

With a successful side career in the arts (as an author, songwriter, comedy writer and playwright) Mark has the skills to cut to the emotional core of the matter swiftly, but with compassion – unlocking radical action, whether that’s helping military forces to embrace climate cooperation, mining organisations move from extractive to circular thinking or schoolchildren (and their teachers) grasp new and progressive futures.

“Mark always has his eye on the prize, which means taking action that creates a positive impact in the world. He doesn’t shrink from asking tough questions and challenging our industry to do better. And that is one of Mark’s gifts as a strategic advisor — he pushes us beyond our familiar territory to recognise the wider systemic context.”

Arran Riddle, Content Director for Policy and Regulation, GSMA (the industry body for the mobile industry worldwide)

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